My Travel Bucket List

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. ~Susan Sontag

Growing up, my family of 8 did not have a lot of money. Still, we were comfortable, happy, loved – most of all loved. One gift my parents could not afford to give us was the gift of international travel. Even our domestic travel was limited due to lack of funds. Almost all of our vacations were spent in the exotic land called Wisconsin. Once out of college, I began to explore the Western US. After my first business trip to England, I began to slowly explore other countries of the world during which my love of international travel blossomed. From 01 April 2013 through 17 October 2014, I lived an adventure in Pune, India. Currently, I am living in the US where I am planning my next travel adventures.

My Travel Bucket List:


  1. East Leyte, Philippines (Blog1, Blog2) Aug 2013
  2. Goa, India (Blog) Oct 2013
  3. Bangkok, Thailand  (Blog1Blog2Blog3) Dec 2013
  4. The Pink City, Jaipur, India (Blog1Blog2Blog3)  Feb 2014 & Oct 2014
  5. Chand Baori Step Well, Jaipur, India (Blog) Feb 2014)
  6. Taj Mahal, Agra, India (Blog, Blog) Feb 2014 & Oct 2014
  7. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai, India (Blog)  Feb 2014
  8. Madurai Temples, Madurai, India (Blog) Feb 2014
  9. Kathmandu, Nepal (Blog1, Blog2) May 2014
  10. Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka (Blog1, Blog2) Jul 2014
  11. The Machan, Lonavala, India  (Blog) Jul 2014
  12. Bodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya, India (Blog, Blog2) Sep 2014 & Oct 2014
  13. Khajuraho Monuments in Khajuraho, India (Blog) India Oct 2014
  14. Death Valley, California (Blog) April 2015
  15. Zion National Park, Utah May 2015
  16. Moab, Utah (Blog) May 2015
  17. Antelope Canyon, Arizona May 2015
  18. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Blog1, Blog2) Jun 2015
  19. Palawan, Philippines June 2015
  20. Morocco Oct/Nov 2016
  21. Belize (Blog1, Blog2, Blog3) Feb 2017
  22. Guatemala Feb 2017
  23. Niagara Falls, US & Canada 2017
  24. Ajanta & Ellora Caves, India, Nov 2017
  25. Golden Temple in Amritsar, India Nov 2017
  26. Varanasi, India (Blog1, Blog2) Nov 2017
  27. Khajuraho, India Nov 2017
  28. Belize, (Blog1, Blog2, Blog3, Blog4, Blog5) Feb 2018
  29. White Sands, New Mexico, (Blog) May 2018
  30. Philippines, (Blog) Jun 2018
  31. Albuquerque, New Mexico, (Blog1, Blog2) Oct 2018
  32. Mexico, Mexico City & Puebla, (Blog) Dec 2018
  33. Sedona, AZ, (Blog1, Blog2, Blog3) Mar 2019
  34. Colorado (Blog1, Blog2) May 2019
  35. Shenzhen, China (No Blogs) Jun 2019
  36. Mumbai, India (Blog) Aug 2019
  37. Portland, Maine (No Blogs) September 2019
  38. Jordan (Blog1, Blog2, Blog3, Blog4) Oct 2019
  39. Tucson, Arizona (Blog1, Blog2) Dec 2019

Likely Trips

  1. Costa Rica 2020
  2. Africa (Safari) 2021
  3. Southern, Utah in 2021

Hopeful Trips

  1. Europe in 202x (Hopefully to see Lionel Messi play Fútbol)
  2. Bolivia & Peru in 202X



  • Tanzania 2020

Continents Visited:

Africa: Morocco
Antarctica: None Yet
Asia: Cambodia, China (Shenzhen), India, Jordan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand
Australia: None Yet
Europe: England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey
North America: Belize, Canada (Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, PEI), Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, United States
South America: None Yet

She Loves Sand Dunes

  • Visited
    • Eureka Sand Dunes, Death Valley, CA (Blog) – April 2015
    • White Sand Dunes National Monument, New Mexico (Blog) – May 2018
    • Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Empire, Michigan – Fall 2018
    • Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado – May 2019
  • Some Day
    • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Kanab, Utah
    • Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Nags Head, North Carolina
    • Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, Mountain Home, Idaho
    • Sand Master Park, Florence, Oregon
    • Imperial Sand Dunes, Brawley, California
    • Monahans Sandhills State Park, Monahans, Texas

Plans for a Solo Southwest Tour in 2021