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Dancing With Scratchy Old Men (Tucson #2)

Saguaro East (Day 5) I stuff my hydration pack with camera, an array of lenses from ultra-wide thru telephoto including my favorite 85mm prime, a few carefully chosen filters to nuance my photos, and a UV flashlight to find scorpions … Continue reading

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A Few Days With Cactus (Tucson #1)

Arrival (Day 1) We dropped into Arizona slightly ahead of the 10:36 pm predicted (arrival times have been gamified to create the illusion of early arrival) landing time, grabbed a nice bright red pickup with an extended cab from the … Continue reading

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Jordan, Part 4 of 4, Biblical Sites

Do I begin with blasphemy and refer to these stories as the origin myths of my people or refer to them as actual historical sites undergirding the Christian faith? I live somewhere betwixt and between these two extremes…just enough verifiable … Continue reading

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Jordan, Part 3 of 4, Petra

Petra is THE jewel of Jordan. By contrast, our hotel in Petra was on the very basic end of basic, especially when held in contrast to our luxurious suite in Aqaba. Twin beds instead of a king. The room was … Continue reading

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Jordan, Part 2 of 4, Wadi Rum and The Red Sea

Valley of the Moon Wadi Rum, known also as the Valley of the Moon, is a valley cut into sandstone and granite rock, a combination making for some startling scenery. It is the largest wadi (valley) in Jordan. Prior to my wife’s investigations, … Continue reading

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Jordan, Part 1 of 4, The Dead Sea

I have walked in the ancient steps around the world. The ones touching me deepest, Ephesus comes to mind, are those associated with my natal mythology, my childhood creation stories. Not because I believe any mythology carries more validity than … Continue reading

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Thoughts on an Airplane and in Tiny Hotel Rooms Halfway Around the World

26 Jul 2019, Thoughts on a Plane 01 Paradise. What if you came across an offer to rent paradise, a paradise sans the 72 virgins promised to martyrs, at a rate of $340 for 8 hours. Would you do it? … Continue reading

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Tree is We But We are Not Tree

The long, leisurely drive from Garden of the Gods to the Comfort Inn in Alamosa where we will hole up during our visit to the Great Sand Dunes National Park takes us by the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. It … Continue reading

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Garden of the Gods, Metha-don’t to My Junkie

All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them. ~Neil Gaiman, American Gods I wish I could have seen Garden of the Gods through virgin eyes, … Continue reading

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Adultery in Sedona, Part Last

I carefully wash my skin and hands clean with an antiseptic wipe removing germs and particulate before flipping open my knife and running the sharp blade horizontal over flesh already pinked one day into our southwest excursion. The blood seeps through the one-inch wide razor slice more quickly than expected flowing down my leg in lengthening crimson swath. Continue reading

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